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    Selling Brigadier General Account

    Hello guys! I am selling a general account on AVA for a very fair price. I do not have time to play this game anymore because I'm busy with college and also lost interest in the game. I'm looking for 200-300 USD for this account. You are saving a lot considering there is $2000 worth of weapons on the account. Here is some details about my account:

    Good IGN (Hard to get a name like this)
    2.10+ S/D
    4000+ wins 1000-2000 Losses
    Rank- General
    $2000 worth of weapons on the account
    Has every blue ticket weapon and almost every red ticket weapon
    Has all the exclusive items obtained from The mystery box in match channel and Train Co-op

    I made a vid showing my inventory check it out: https: //www .youtube. com/watch?v=pxa3lxcfHx4 (fix the spaces in this link)

    Btw, I obtained a few new guns that are not in this vid. Here are the guns: Pristis Burst, m4a1 bumble.bee dual uzi, fr-f2 legend, and 125 red tickets.

    Please add me on skype if you are a serious buyer. My skype name is "yogurtbar" Also, if you are having trouble with the link contact me on skype I'll tell you which parts to fix in the link. I put a few spaces in the link so it would let me post it on this thread. Thanks again guys and have a great day!
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    this is a scammer
    sammed me 100 euros..

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