guys, as I am going to live in Brazil with my parents and I will not be able to play more ava and i dont want lose my items ... I 'm selling my account or change it for csgo items . My account if counting the value of all weapons will give type 200 euro .. but do not want all this .. wanting to un price of 50-70 euro or item csgo .. thanks

im last rank: 9.500w,4700los.
SD: 1.566

i have guns megacaps,normal caps and shop guns all permanent.
M14 battleship, DM, Carpio,M4a1 mk3,Veresk,Galil.Para, AK12 , Veresk, Fr-R2,PGM,SW, M24 caps, Python, Anaconda, fish knife, barbatos permanent,Kraken,XM8,AMD,Mosin-nagant,M24 capsule, and more guns... all permanents

this is my e-mail contact-me here: mvcolognesi.hotmail.it