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    Thumbs up Lieutenant Colonel 3rd Class | Massive guns | On SALE | 30$ to 500$ MIN TO MAX

    Hello dear MPGH members. I am a new member on this community even though I am new I do know how sales, buying and trades work. I am looking for a serious offers for this account of mine which I've played since IJJI 2012. Three years of experience on this game and +2000$ wasted on pixel guns. So further due, lets get on with the account.

    The screenshots were taken before the June 2015 update. SCREENSHOTS, I AM NOT ALLOWED TO POST A LINK TO IT SO I WILL SEND YOU ON SKYPE everything is on the screenshots so I will not post any details here. I hope this is the account that you are looking to play with. If you want to contact me then here's my contact information.

    SKYPE: netherlander0105

    HOW THIS WILL WORK: MIDDLEMAN first of all.. MIDDLEMAN is needed for me and you if you cannot trust new sellers although I do not trust anyone either. If you have any questions please do contact me on skype. I hope the sale will go smoothly and without any problems.

    ONE THING: I PAINTED OVER THE NICKNAME, CLAN NAME, WINS AND LOSSES, SCORE AND DEATH due to people who will report me via AEIRA SUPPORT. I do not want this account to get banned, and if you are interested in meeting me IN-GAME we'll have to talk about it further on SKYPE.
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