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    Guess what everyone?

    Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 are two totally separate games, developed by two totally separate developers, published by two totally separate publishers, and have two totally separate gameplay styles.

    This section practically has more threads discussing BF3 than it does MW3. The problem is, there is no reason for this.

    So from now on threads or posts that are made
    • With the intent to stir up a debate about which game is better
    • Are blatantly insulting people for playing either game
    • Flat out claiming that one game is better than another
    • Or any other biased thread about either game

    Will be closed on sight.

    This is a MW3 section, for discussing the game MW3. There is a BF3 section for discussing BF3 elsewhere. If you think one game is better than it's fine, but stay in your own section. Both games are great in their own way, and will be very successful. Case closed.

    Thank you.
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