Maybe you would think it's dumb but I think it would be helpful! Perhaps next to releases the site admins could set up a (ban reports) and here is an example.All the new kids asking off topic questions in release forms and the number one question is "Bannable?" Something that might solve this is flagging the reports of a "VAC ban" from the hack/trainer thread and setting up a tab next to the release stating all the several (or none at all) ban reports. Maybe also add a report button in the thread to report it as causing a ban that would tie directly into the ban reports tab.Also maybe set a ban index scale up for hacks/trainers using methods know to more likely trigger a ban such as hacks using injections or modding of.gsc files and or memory hacking/hooking and display a ratio next to the release threads such as Ban risk: (5/10). Also hitting the "Is it detected?" spammers with harder penalties for doing such things. Because to be honest in these threads it sucks when you have a real problem that might have an answer buried in the thread but you have to sort through spam to find it so already answered questions get asked over an over. I think this would greatly reduce the amount of moderation needed in these threads. Let me know what you think?