My very close and dear friends play this game on occassions. However beacause of our
dearth of skills and ostensible lack of strategies , we find ourselves being more
frustrated than enjoying what we thought would be and enjoyable game. We are killed
most frequently when we initially enter the game. We or at least myself , as I do play a bit more frequently than
my partners, I have purchased the playing guides to this game and that of Modern Warfare Advanced, but
still get eliminated before I can get away from the spawing point. I or we need some pointers on how we can
even have a fighting chance with ladies and gents that are so good. we just need some pointers as it seems
the guides don't seem to be much help. We need a little coaching or training. Please.

Sincerely ,

Milt , Thats my real first name.

My online name is INEFFABLE_12b , aka SMOKIN2-VETTE.
Just a little coaching, Please.
Thank you guys and ladies for letting me bleed all over you.
I just want to play once in a while and have a fighting chance.

Thanks again,