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    Playing Soundboards on MW3

    Hi, does anybody know how to play soundboards on MW3? (through pc), i've seen tons of people do it on xbox and ps3, but I cant figure out how to do it on PC.

    So far i've tried using a program called virtual audio cable to re-route where sounds go and implementing that with winamp on random mp3 sound files I have, which is the same as what you do if you wanted to play music through ventrilo, but I haven't had any success since in MW3 you can't configure sound input like you can in ventrilo . If anyone has a method that works I would appreciate it.

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    just use house his tool?
    and those vids are probably edited vids with their own sounds
    I love it when people keep their agreements /sarcasm ftw

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    This assumes you are using Windows 7 and have a reasonable sound card... it will allow you to 'Voice chat' whatever sounds are played on your computer...
    1. Start Steam's 'Settings'
    2. Go to 'Voice'.
    3. Click 'Change input device...', just under 'Recording (audio input) device'
    4. The windows 'Sound' dialog should come up, make sure it is on the 'Recording' tab
    5. Right click somewhere in the list of devices... In the menu check 'Show Disabled Devices' and 'Show Disconnected Devices'
    6. Look for the device called 'Stereo Mix', it may also be called 'Wave Out Mix' (or something similar).
    7. If the device's icon is faded out right click on it and Select 'Enable' (it should brighten and a level indicator should appear to it's right)
    8. Right click on the device again, select 'Set as Default Device' (a green tick should now appear at the lower-right of the device's icon)
    9. Check the list, look for your microphone (or any other enabled devices), right click them and select 'Disable'
    10. Click Okay, steam should then give you an 'Okay, im finished changing settings' box, click OK...
    11. Check that the device listed in the steam panel is the Stereo Mix/Wave Out Mix.
    12. Click 'Test Microphone', then play something on your computer, if the level indicator goes bright it is taking in the sound...
    13. Adjust the level indicator until sounds rarely go above 3/4 of the way along (into the Orange/Red).
    14. Click okay... open MW3... go into windowed mode (make it smaller than your screen so you have room to open your media/select the sounds you want).
    15. Play sounds on the computer while holding your chat button ('Z')...

    If you don't have a Stereo Mix/Wave Out mix you will have to look on Google for information on 'Enabling Stereo Mix' + (Your sound card).

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