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    Question Trainer Problems - many not working for me ..

    Trainer Problems - many not working for me ..

    Hi guys - Ive been using a few trainers recently to unlock pro perks, add damage and level weapons to level 31 ect ect.
    The problem is that non of the trainers are working for me, they were working up till monday - then all JUST STOPPED !!.
    Now when im running the trainers and add - any of the option - pro perks, weapon level, tokens ect they all say "DONE".
    I would then play a game .....and when the game has saved they( pro perks ect ect should all come into effect, problem is they dont !!
    now i've uninstalled my anti virus and disabled firewall and any software that may interfere with the running of the trainer - but the problem still persists

    My computer is running fine with no windows problems and every thing else works good, so does any 1 have any idea's as to what the problem could be, its as if the trainers are allowed to run and function - but something is stopping the actual saving/ replacement of strings ( looking at ther trainer - all seems good - but they have no effect for me in game, still no pro perks, no level 31 weapons ect ect

    could this be a windows program I need or that has went corrupt >>>?
    I could check files with steam, ie cache., correct files ect

    Im stumped for ideas as it just happened all of a sudden, 1 day was fine and working - the next day not.

    all this happened the day before the update , have the addresses changed ?? - has any 1 else got or had similar problems ??

    any help and suggestions welcome

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    Reasons to the reason why the trainer not are working:
    1. The trainer / hack you downloaded maybe are patched or detected?

    How to maybe fix so it works:
    1. Run the hack as an adminstrator and then play a FULL game so the settings can be applied that you customized
    2. Turn off anti-virus and run the hack as an adminstrator?

    And you may post a link so we can see which trainer we are talking about. Just copy the URL of the thread and post a comment below whit it.

    Best regards, , ~
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    Thread Closed - Problem solved - please delete

    Thanks for the info Skinksteek, seems like when the update came out - then was downgraded almost straight away, it must have left altered files- once I checked my cache in steam it said files were different so I redownloaded the files and all works fine now , all hacks ect good - but thx for the help
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