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    Help plz!

    Hi i am new here my friend said this is a good hacking site for mw3 (since everyone in the game hacks now i don't see why i don't) and idk what all these codes are or how u use them so if someone could help me find ones that would get me ban and stuff like that thanks! C:

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    Hi Panda, welcome to the forums, Id just stick with the trainers for now things like below:

    Chromatix 2.21
    XOIIT's Constant UAV Hack
    Insane's MW3 Multi-Trainer [1.9.453]

    If you'd like a crosshair on screen all the time to aide you in shooting from the hip and also helps with some scope's - I'd give

    Master131 External Crosshair v3 a go

    As with all hacks posted on here - " Use at your own risk " - I check here EVERY TIME - YES EVERY TIME - before I play MW3 and use hacks,
    just to check if any of the hacks I use have been reported.

    these are the one's I use, you could use master131 - MW3 .NET External ESP v3.5 [1.9.453] - which is just awesome !!
    personally - I hate aimbots and aimbotters and never use this option - BUT do use the other options (master131 - has done an top job with this !)

    the above are just my preferences

    use your head when your hacking - dont make it to obvious - dont max your prestige

    (say from Level 6 - to prestige 10 lol - ppl can tell by your stats - although these can be hacked to)

    Try my suggestions above and see how you go with them - then maybe look more at Injected type hacks - if you want to

    if this helps - click the thanks button - cheers

    PS Posted in wrong section
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