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    FindAddress of PlayerName from pointers - not returning anything

    So I'm trying to make a name faker in Visual Basic, I already have all my WriteString, WriteBytes, WriteInt, ReadString (etc..) but I'm confused on how to find the address of the players name because it changes every start up

    I've found a CheatTable that has this function
    but i cant seem to do it in code.

        Public Function FindAddress(ByVal ProcessName As String, ByVal BaseAddress As IntPtr, ByVal StaticPointer As IntPtr, ByVal Offsets() As IntPtr) As IntPtr
            If ProcessName.EndsWith(".exe") Then
                ProcessName = ProcessName.Replace(".exe", "")
            End If
            Dim MyP As Process() = Process.GetProcessesByName(ProcessName)
            If MyP.Length = 0 Then
                MessageBox.Show(ProcessName & " isn't open!")
                Exit Function
            End If
            Dim hProcess As IntPtr = OpenProcess(PROCESS_ALL_ACCESS, 0, MyP(0).Id)
            If hProcess = IntPtr.Zero Then
                MessageBox.Show("Failed to open " & ProcessName & "!")
                Exit Function
            End If
            ' Crearemos un buffer de 4 bytes para sistema de32-bit o 8 bytes sobre un sistema de 64-bit .
            Dim tmp(IntPtr.Size - 1) As Byte
            Dim Address As IntPtr = BaseAddress
            ' Checaremos para 32-bit vs 64-bit.
            If IntPtr.Size = 4 Then
                Address = New IntPtr(Address.ToInt32 + StaticPointer.ToInt32)
                Address = New IntPtr(Address.ToInt64 + StaticPointer.ToInt64)
            End If
            ' Loop de cada Offset hasta encontrar el Address
            For i As Integer = 0 To Offsets.Length - 1
                ReadProcessMemory4(hProcess, Address, tmp, IntPtr.Size, 0)
                If IntPtr.Size = 4 Then
                    Address = BitConverter.ToInt32(tmp, 0) + Offsets(i).ToInt32()
                    Address = BitConverter.ToInt64(tmp, 0) + Offsets(i).ToInt64()
                End If
            Return Address
        End Function
    i tried using this function to find the address to read/write to but it doesnt return anything.

    anyone able to help??
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