Hey guys,

So I've been using some textures that make the skins either green or red so they're easy to spot. This was fun for a bit but is getting boring and I want to go back to playing legit. I also got banned on my other acc, so bought a new one for €10,- orso but I didn't want to do all the leveling again so I used the Simple Level & Prestige Hack to get to level 80 but then all my weapons still sucked so I used
mpgh. net /forum/showthread. php?t=663083 (remove spaces) to unlock the weps at 31. Now I have the weapons that I want on level 31 but even after restarting my PC it still makes all the weapons I use level 31. So I geuss there's permanent memory allocated or something.

So how do I get rid of this all?

To clear things up; Don't want to lose the 80 evels, nor the weapon levels but I want the weapon leveling to stop and the iwi's to reset (I remember you could do something like that in steam!).

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Alright, I think resetting the iwi's will be fine. I geuss that it's the steam feature called 'verify integrity of game cache'.