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    silenced desert eagle and Never Infected

    So I join a server and there was a guy that I kept killing in infected. He had aimbot and any gun he wanted. But I'm curious of how, when every I killed him, he would re-spawn as a survivor. And also, how can I use cheat engine to put a silencer on a desert eagle. I heard its possible but I don't know how. If you have any suggestion, please leave you name on the comments and I'll add you.

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    First of all for the un-infector (team changer), any gun (force class) and aimbot for Steam MW3 are part of a paid hack, though force class is avaliable for Tekno MW3 on MPGH in the private hacks section.
    Team Changer/Uninfector:
    Force Class:

    To get the suppressed Desert Eagle:
    1. Make sure you have the Desert Eagle Unlocked and it is weapon level 10 (might only need level 2 but I cbf to test)
    2. Navigate to the address depending on the class you want: Class 1: 01DC085E Class 2: 01DC08C0 Class 3: 01DC0922 Class 4: 01DC0984 Class 5: 01DC09E6
    3. Enter the value Hex 12 or Decimal 18 for suppressor or if you want extended mags Hex 9 or Decimal 9

    This also works for the 44 magnum and MP412 though if you place a suppressor on them everybody in the game will have a suppressor floating behind them that will make a noise when you fire.
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