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    Survival Cheat Engine "Edits"!

    Hey there! So, I am a brand new MPGH user, so I decided to share my past cheat engine experiences with Modern Warfare 3 Survival, as I really only ever have downloaded here!

    So, lets start out with basic armor god mode!
    1. Join the game and enable cheat engine (Works either multiplayer/singleplayer, you are more likely to get banned in MP though)
    2. Open cheat engine and type in the value 250 (DO NOT TAKE DAMAGE, If you do, type in the armor amount that you have into the value) hit first scan.
    3. Take one/two shots of damage, enough to keep your armor available though.
    4. In cheat engine type the armor amount after the damage under value, hit next scan.
    5. Repeat until there are near no addresses left.
    6. Copy them into the edit area.
    7. In the value section of the addresses, edit them to your liking (depending on how much armor you want)
    8. Click "Make Active" on all of the bars, making it so the armor never goes down.
    9. BAM! You are now invincible!

    [SIZE=7]Infinite Spare Ammo!
    1. Take whatever gun you wish to have infinite ammo on.
    2. Put in the amount of spare ammo you have into cheat engine.
    3. Shoot once, twice, even a full mag! Then reload.
    4. Put in the new amount of ammo into cheat engine and click "Next scan"
    5. Repeat until there are near no addresses.
    6. Drag the new amounts down, edit the amount of ammo that you want to have, click make active on all of them.
    7. BAM! Finished!

    [SIZE=7]ROUND SKIP!!!!!
    1. Start the match, open CE
    2. Type the current round number into CE, click first scan.
    3. Complete the round, put in the new round number, click next scan.
    4. Repeat until there, again, are near no addresses left.
    5. Copy the addresses down and edit their values to the wave you want (NOTE, if you go over 1000, you will not be able to win unless you mod the DPS of weapons, you will also crash from the enemy amounts that are ingame.)
    6. DO NOT TAP MAKE ACTIVE! The waves will be stuck and you will not advance!
    7. Play some rounds and the game will auto-correct to the wave you selected!

    Infinite Points.
    1. Join game & start CE.
    2. Type in your current amount of points after ONE kill.
    3. Kill once more, type in the new amount of points, scan.
    4. Repeat until near no addresses.
    5. Copy down, change value to amount of points you want.
    7. Clicking Make Active is optional, you will never go up or down in points, they stay the same. If you do not click, you will go down and up in points.

    I am not responsible for any damage to your steam account (not likely) or any bans received in the process of you doing this. SP is not VAC secure, although player reports are still available in this.

    I hope you enjoy this little tutorial, it is my first one, if you have any confusion please comment and I will clear this up. These are all in CE, no other programs. CE contains no viruses, yet I do not link it, so use it at your own risk.

    Virus scans: None linked nor needed.
    Note: Round edit does NOT save in leaderboards/personal records, meaning you are safe with this!

    Screenshots are in download section (I could not post them otherwise, it will not make you download them, you will only view them)
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