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    [REQUEST] Assistance with Texture Editing

    Hello you wonderful lot

    Firstly I'd like to say thank you for all the information I have been here a while lurking and learning.

    So to the point, I decieded that i wanted to make myself a custom texture pack, I read all I could find on the subject, I downloaded the tools in the Sticky and I watched and watched the tutorial video (nic vid btw) @

    So there I am I have the correct photoshop plugins, I have the programs to convert the iwi to dds and back and the iwi fix and crc fixer the whole shabang, so I set to work and as in the tutorial I edit the blue camo.

    Everything goes perfectly and I get a lovely looking camo edit going on all the file sizes match and i have fixed the crc. I drop it into my folder and launch the game.

    So far so good, I join a server and the map loads then shock horror (Error files differ from server) and I'm left confused and annoyed.

    So cutting to the chase What am I doing wrong? Im using TeknoGods Modern Warfare 3 Steamless Loader and tungle and my MW3 is running version 1.4.382 TEKNO MW3.

    32 Bit OS

    If it helps I can upload the original camo and my altered one for somebody to compare.

    I'd really apperciate some advice on this thank you all in advance.
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