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    Black Star Sky all maps ADMIN NEEDED

    https : //www . virustotal . com/de/file/fc5bdbd88986c77e487af0339b37c20bc844d25a5d36e6c741 1488d6c756e7ea/analysis/1432923158/

    Still working on screenshots

    This is the only .iwi from skycustomizer i could find arround the internet

    I patched it myself and renamed it


    Okey, i've been trying to add the file, but its really big and i dont manage to upload it to this filesystem.

    I'm asking a mod for to check this post

    https : // m e ga . co . nz/#!nB5UwBCC!WlBtnqjlnD3O5LKCu_Z44txNyzSF4I6X6PEYDYP cPyc
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