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    I still wonder why they do call them Hackers while actually they are Cheaters?!?!?!

    I have to agree with @winn3r surly those guys dont really know how to play and they are such a bad losers!
    What fun is that when you just have to sit there and click the button and shoot ?!

    The good thing that i have near me is a Network Computer Gaming shop that i go there and play with bunch of guys with no cheats no what so ever! no there is where you see the skill and good play and really can have fun, coz when you die!! it really makes you wanna go back and kick some ass!!
    with aimbot dudes, pfffftttt, whenever i get into a server with such kids playing im out right away, i admit i downloaded the game and played it cracked, but i went back and purchased the game and played with no trouble kids around using aimbot coz they know they will get banned :P

    Later Aimbot losers L

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    rkaf... you dont have to go all Muncho about it and you are the scary big guy... everyone is strong over the internet and voice chatting... so you sounded stupid by telling him that he will s/hit his pants if he heard your voice :|

    I guess you are at your first 20's both of you, you know how stupid that sounded to a 32 years old fart like me!?!?! FUNNY!!!! Hahahahahahaha

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    rkaf,email me i need to ask you a few questions that i need HELP with PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks playa.

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