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I lol'd so much when I saw you literally used a console tutorial on the PC.
Of course it won't work.

How to get the Class:
To get the Godmode Class, you need to edit your specialist killstreak kills. This can only be done through hacking. If you select the perks in-game, they will be 2 kills-4 kills-6 kills. If you know that offset in a HEX Editor, then go there. If not, find your class by searching for the name of your class. Once you find the class, below the name of it will have a few values. Keep going about one line down, you should see some values in this order: 02 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 06 00 00 00. This is the killstreak count. To get the godmode class, you need to edit the values in-between the numbers. This is the value you edit: 02 00 00 00 04 00 00 00 06 00 00 00. This multiplies the previous number by 512. A good value for this slot is 45, but you should not get any lower than 34. Once you do this, the class should show an insane amount of kills for your third perkstreak. This is the Godmode. You can also use a tool to do it for you. This class can only be obtained by hacking. You must have a Jailbreak or JTAG to edit the class. You need to RTE to edit the class, so you need to hack. I don't have an Xbox, so i don't know what RTEing is called or if it's even possible.

Why this works:
The reason making the kills to an insane amount gives you godmode is because the game has to count up your killcount for the perks since it isn't already made. It has to count all the way up from 0 to whatever that number is, and it takes a long time. The reason you turn invisible and have godmode is because during the counting, some of the spawn coding is skipped. The code for making your player show up and the code for your life is skipped during the spawn and it spawns you with no body and no life. Having no life lets you die without actually dying, and having no body makes you invisible.

The Basics:
This Godmode class is very different from a normal class, so here are the basics:
The most important thing about this is YOU MUST SPAWN WITH THE CLASS FIRST AND NOT SWITCH TO IT! The reason you can't switch is because if you do, you will be able to die and you will have a body, but no head. This can be used to your advantage too because if you spawn with no head (Spawn with a normal class, then switch to the godmode class) you can kick people from the game. If the enemies look at you and you are the host or in the same party as the host, they will be kicked from the game. On rare occasions, you don't need to be involved with the host to kick people.
You WON'T Spawn with your Primary Weapon, but you will have your Secondary to use. I recommend the FMG9 Extended Mags. You can also use Overkill to have a Primary, but i don't recommend that as your name will show up to the enemies.
You won't have a Tactical when in the Godmode class. Only the Lethal works. You can put the Portable Radar in the Lethal slot and use that though.
The perkstreaks you have won't come into effect until you get your Specialist Bonus. This is due to you not having a proper "lifeID". lifeID is used in the code to tell if you are alive to use a streak. You do not have a proper lifeID, so they don't work.
Any Killstreak you acquire will not work at all. This includes the MOAB. This is due to the lifeID problem. There are ways to acquire MOABs, but only in certain modes.
If someone manages to kill you, you will go into "afterlife mode". This mode disables any world interaction. This involves picking up Tags/Bombs/Flags, Planting/Defusing, and Scavenging Ammo. Also, you cannot continue to earn a killstreak once you die, so if you died before your Specialist Bonus, you wouldn't get it.
Any Death Barriers will not kill you, but will put you into Afterlife. You can actually jump out of some maps with places to jump out of (Piazza, Gulch, Sanctuary, etc.), but you will not be able to pick up ammo or get back into the map.
During the use of the Godmode Class, you have NO health regeneration. The only way to regenerate your health is to pickup a Ballistic Vest. Also, you have no refreshing of player status. So if you are Recon'd by an enemy, you are Recon'd for the ENTIRE Game/Round.
If you go into Afterlife while holding an objective (Bomb, Flag), you will keep it forever since you can't Plant or Capture it. This can be used to your advantage in Team Defender to hold the Flag The entire game.
This class will not work in gamemodes that disable Killstreaks (Drop Zone, Barebones, etc) because the Godmode is caused by the Killstreak count.
Random Things:
There are some things that happen randomly during the Godmode class. Here they are:
During Search and Destroy, very randomly, you may spawn with your gun glitchy. This is actually very good because when in this glitched position, you will have no recoil. I have studied this glitch and haven't found a way to toggle this yet, but i have some clues. Firstly, it happens more often when the enemy destroys or disables the Bomb and no Killcam shows up. Second, It happens when your HUD shows up during Round switching. I still haven't found the way to make this work, but once i do, i will post the method on how to do this exactly.
VERY RARELY, this will barely ever happen. But very rarely when you spawn in on a game that has started already, you will be able to pickup Friendly and Enemy Explosives. You won't collect them, but you will be able to pick them up. There really isn't a real use for this except for trolling, and it barely ever happens.
How to Achieve A MOAB:
There are ways to get MOABs while using Godmode. But they require skill or luck to get. There are multiple ways to get a MOAB and even a Double MOAB. Here they are:

Getting a Single MOAB
The gamemodes you can get one MOAB in are Sabotage, Demolition, Search and Destroy, and Capture the Flag. This is because they have Rounds. The Rounds are the key.
Sabotage- To get one MOAB in Sabotage, you need to not plant it at all. I recommend picking up the bomb and not planting. Spawn in with the Godmode class and pickup the bomb. Then you need to get 23 kills without going into Afterlife. Once you have 23 kills, DO NOT GET ANOTHER. Wait for the game to end and go into overtime. Once the round ends, switch to a normal class with Hardline as the perk. Then you can go get 1 kill to get a MOAB and call it in. Alternatively, you can get 24 kills so you get the "fake" MOAB, and wait until Overtime. Then you switch to a normal class WITHOUT Hardline and get 1 kill.
Demolition- For Demolition, there is multiple ways to get a MOAB. To get a single MOAB, you need to spawn in as the Godmode class and get 23 kills. This is similar to the Sabotage MOAB, except instead of Overtime, it is Round 2. Once you have 23 kills, wait for the round to end. It doesn't matter if you win or lose. Once the round ends, switch to a class with Hardline and get 1 Kill. You will then have a MOAB. You can also do this on Round 2 and go into Overtime to get your MOAB.
Search and Destroy- This method is very hard to do. This usually will not happen. First, you always want to spawn in with the Godmode class. Every round, you want to get every kill and win the round. Keep doing this and once you get to 3 points, you should have 18 kills. Then once you are at 3 points, you need to let the enemy plant the bomb and NOT defuse it so they win the round. You also need to get every kill. Once they have 1 point, and you have gotten every kill of the game, you should have 24 kills and you should get your "fake" MOAB. Once you get the fake MOAB, you can switch to a class WITHOUT Hardline and get 1 kill. You should then get a Real MOAB to call in.
Capture the Flag- Spawn in with the Godmode class and capture the flag ONCE. Then pickup the Flag and DO NOT Capture it. You need to stay at 1 point. Once you have 1 point, keep the flag and try to get 23 kills. If you get 23 kills, Stop killing and wait for the round to end. Once it ends, switch to a class with Hardline and get 1 kill. You can also get 24 kills and switch to a class Without Hardline next round.

Getting a Double MOAB
The only gamemode you can get a Double MOAB in is Demolition because it has 3 rounds total. It isn't easy to get it, but it is possible and i have done it.
To get a Double MOAB, go to Demolition and make sure you join a game that hasn't started. Once you join, spawn in with a NORMAL Class and do whatever you want. This is just to do something in the future. You don't need to get any kills. You want to lose that round so let the enemy Detonate the Bomb. Once the round ends, switch to your Godmode class. Then you want to get 24 kills to get your "fake" MOAB. Once you have it, Don't kill anymore. You want to win that round so the score ends up 1-1. Then when that round ends, switch to any class that DOESN'T Have Hardline and Get 1 kill. You will also notice you have that "fake" MOAB once you spawn in Overtime. This is because you played the first round as a normal player. That "activates" the fake MOAB to be a Real MOAB because you had a life before the Godmode class. Then you can call in both MOABs and win the game! You can also pickup a Care Package during the Second Round and when you switch during Overtime, it will be real.
Well, that is about all i can think of about this class. If i have missed something, please tell me so i can fix it. Thank you for reading all of this, it was a pain typing it all...
Thank you and have fun with GodMode! But don't have too much fun...;)
i think that was the tutorial too xD