Winter: Jojo's
Spring: Kekkai Sensen
Summer: Non Non Biyori
Fall: Onepunchman.
-Runner up: Owari

Anime of the year: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

In the contest of men, only the gods win.

One punch man was great at the fights, but about 50% of the anime was just ass. The stuff with Handsome mask goes nowhere(and it won't for another 2-3 seasons on this time schedule)
Non Non Biyori was relaxing.
Kekkai Sensen was interesting, but it really needed a 26 episode run to be great.

Jojo's just beats OPMn in the action category simply because it had more interesting fights that had something riding on them and the downtime was used appropriately.

(also JJBA is a much better comedic series than OPM by far).