Anime information;

OP: Porno Graffiti

ED: Brian the Sun


Rough translations that seem accurate;

>Moonfish cut Shoujis arm(not fatal)
>That triggered Tokoyami's quirk to go out of control
>Tokoyami's quirk, Dark Shadow, only reacts to moving things

>The Gasmask Villain destroyed Tetsu's mask, but it didn't hurt Tetsu thanks to his Iron Skin
>Tetsu wants to strike again but can't move
>The Gasmask Villain gives him a speech before pointing the gun at Kendou
>Tetsu protects her with his body but blood comes out of his mouth
>Kendou captures the Gasmask Villain with her hands and uses them to swirl away the gas
>Tetsu can deliver one last punch which destroys the Villain's mask and defeats the Villain
>It's Tetsu's victory

>Bakugo and Todoroki still struggle with Moonfish
>In that moment Tokoyami followed by Shouji arrive at their location
>"Bakugo! Todoroki! We need your explosions and fire to save Tokoyami!"
>Moonfish: "Meat!"
>The running Tokoyami crushes Moonfish
>Deku: "Kaa-chan!"
>The end