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    Best Studio Ghibli Movie?

    In your opinion what are the top 3 studio ghibli movies and why?

    1. Spirited Away
    Always viewed as one of the most popular animated movies from studio ghibli, this is definitely one of their top films in production value and popularity. I loved this film since the day I saw it, it's amongst my favorite movies of all time; I've rewatched it a handful of times and it's always epic. The film has phenomenal character development along with the introduction of new characters throughout the film making extremely pleasant to watch, and the storytelling.... The storytelling is perfection itself, the characters developed to the perfect point, the animation memorable and an artistic milestone that combines the traditional Japanese style with more modern techniques, the soundwork fantastic on every level from the brilliant voice acting to the flowing soundtrack. I absolutely love this movie and it is my #1 movie from studio ghibli and in my top 5 of all time movies, generally speaking.

    2. Howl's Moving Castle

    This movie is one of the greatest of all time, anime speaking, or generally speaking. This movie is just one of those "100% complete, nothing could be better", you get that feeling after watching it for the first time and even after the first time. The animation is flawless even being from 2004 along with the extremely skilled voices actors and mystical soundtrack, the film is amazing to watch even in 2016. The story is absolutely amazing, from the beginning to end, the story is absolutely magical, it could even bring tears to a grown man. But my favorite thing from the entire film definitely is character development, the way these characters are introduced is amazing along with what happens and where the end up. This film is a must watch for anyone no matter age or sex. The best thing is, this was the first anime material I had ever seen, excluding dubbed pokemon on cn, and sparked my love for anime I still have 7 years later.

    3. Ponyo

    Choosing this anime was extremely hard as I had about 5 sg movies that stood out underneath Spirited away & howl's moving castle, but I just couldn't pick. This film is great to watch and very kid friendly as it is about 2 kids. I have watched this a lot and it has very good animation ,hence being a newer film, and it also has a good soundtrack.

    Honorable Mentions
    Princess Mononoke
    Tales from Earthsea
    From Up on Poppy Hill
    Castle in the Sky
    My Neighbor Totoro

    Soon I'll make another thread discussing something else.

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    Wow, you stole my top 3 from me. Most poeple's will be similar but for the most part all of there movies are good.

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