Alright I'm currently clearing my backlog of the long ass list of manga I've got stored up in my bookmarks from where I stopped reading them and I noticed that SK Rock ended about a month ago so i finished up the 10 or so chapters as well as 2 chapters from wall man and I gotta say what the FUCK was this piece of hot steamy shit that you call a ending? This is by far one of if not the most shitty endings I have seen in a manga that had potential. The author especially had me hooked with his greatly detailed art but nooo you gotta end the series with a rushed and confusing ending that makes you feel like all the chapters you read before the fight with Rain absolutely do not matter.

This series was a constant 7-8 on my list until tonight, now I would say it's around a 4 since the art is still amazing and it's readable if you stop reading at where Ken falls out of the building, other than that though I would not recommend since it feels like I wasted so much time reading this shite. Oh well onto clearing the rest of my backlog..