Well like the title says, its some quick reviews i'm giving on Air Gear and HxH.

Air Gear:

Well to start out, AG is probably the most unique twist i will ever see to rollerblading. The story revolves around Ikki, who is trying to become the next "Sky King". With the addition of all the "tricks" in this series, the overall action is hectic.

The Good Parts:
-What i find is the art is the main reason this series has probably gotten as much popularity as it has. The artist is exceptionally skilled, probably one of the best art-type manga's out there atm. The art is most of the time also related to the action taking place, which makes it uniquely awesome. Its easily 10x as good as Naruto or Bleach, and with the weekly chapters its surprising.
-Ecchi parts take place in abundance. Not the To-Love-Ru type ecchi, more of it is just related to the story, and just put in there for entertainment, the plot of a given section never relies on the ecchi. Which in itself is good since this isn't a romantic comedy.
-The original characters develope quite a lot. And lots of interesting foes/allies join the fray.

The Bad:
-Well, the plot advances like 24 or Lost. Its insanely hard for me to understand the plot going from chapter to chapter. It started off ok, but then a whole bunch of shit happened, only to remind me of it later.(Like the president swapping bodies, it was like 4 months ago, then a scene came back and i had to remember wtf was going on).
-The action combined with the amazing art is sometimes overwelming. Its just like Tenjo Tenge, their is sometimes so much going on that i can't figure out that if its in their "reality" or is it just art the artist added.

Hunter X Hunter

Well this is a manga about Gon, a little kid who is the son of some legendary dude.(kinda like Luffy from OP). Anyway, he tries out for the "Hunter" association and passes with his new friend Killua. Despite this kinda "bland" sounding story, its actually very amazing in how the author combines the "powers" and "requirements".

The Good:
-Well for starters, its not like Bleach or Naruto which basically have chi, each power a character has is different in a vast way. And there are different types, such as one requiring an oath on death or one requiring a game of "tag" if you will. Each one is vastly different and is combined quite effectively with the story.
-Gon himself is kinda like Goku as a kid, that being said, the author makes his emotions very distinctively unlike DB.
-What i find to be the most important part of the series is that the Author takes into account the ENEMY mind. he actually puts the enemies thoughts into the manga. Where manga like naruto and bleach only have very vague if any enemy thoughts, the author puts as much into the enemy as into the main characters. This is important for many reasons, but mainly because it fills in the reader with more information than vague speeches.

Take for instance this weeks Bleach, aizen tells Ichigo all this shit. Well basically the reader knows nothing about aizen, nothing on his character except his attacks. Which is ok, but then it basically just makes aizen a "evil wall" that Ichigo must overcome.