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    Bloody anime

    I'm going to give my reviews of bloody anime.
    Post anything you want to say, i'm fine with it.

    Elfen lied
    - doesn't have a great story, the violence is really just a one-time shock value, and the only part i can see that deserves any praise is the opening. Even though it has nudity, it is still pretty decent. I know this might crush your dreams, but i hate this anime, its always been something i just couldn't rap my head around why people liked it and praised it. From my point of view its a redone story, decent art, and the violence really is only a first-episode shock value type.

    - just not a good anime. I used to use it a reference for gore/violence, but thats basically all it is. Its basically the ending of school days(giving you an example most of you can relate) except, the whole anime is that. Its people going insane and killing other chicks with whatever weapon is close or prepared. All the characters are "loli" except they have giant breast in proportion to their body size which is that of a early teenager.

    -Well basically everyone has heard of hellsing by now. Ultimate hasn't gotten far, but its almost there. The main fight of the hellsing story, pretty much makes the entire city of London full of blood in the streets. Going by mass, it has the most. Hellsing does what Gainax does, it makes an overpowered beast as the main character who can overcome anything, and you just want to see what he'll do next. Although its story is 0, the animation of ultimate is superb, and the violence is pretty.....violent. Better animation helps these things.

    I can't think of any other anime, suggest some.
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    hmm i guews devil may cry can be counted too... not much eps tough while i assumed more of it since there are 4-5 games of it + 1st episode isn't really that much of an opening either.
    ahwell + i like do like elfen lied why idk the animation is somewhat simplefied and a bit to short too like they have made 5-6 episodes about the history when lucy is sick then 1 - 2 episodes after it is the entire ending.

    ... bloody anime's? nah can't quite remeber that much most of the time it will need to be seinen too.

    i gues i got one Vampire Knight i liked it most don't (quite understandable) because of the ending i did see a new manga chapter beeing released like 1 month ago. havent seen anotherone ever since.
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