Why do anime/manga with a long-standing record keep repeating themselves, but then put some bs in there to make it more stupid?

Reborn!: Tsuna gets beaten to death (again) and then they say "You don't know the pain of the shimon family." Like what the fuck, First off he was supposed to have some decent power by now. Secondly, this "pain" is bullshit, their ancestors got betrayed.......but wo and behold, they are held as "guest of honor", like what more could you ask for? They put you as their honored guest in a ceremony. -.-

Kenichi: Really just going with full on nudity, but make it pointless.

Naruto: The pain fight was probably the stupides thing they could have done. ever.

Bleach: Ichigo is training, rangoku or w/e gets raped. (surprise?)

I know i'm missing some but i'm drawing a blank atm.