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    Odd translations.

    I've noticed for awhile now that when things come over to the US they get translated into different names, and even in manga the plot is effected thanks to bad translations.

    :/ like i read deadman wonderland in the store today, they called mockingbird a chick like 5 times, but he's obviously a guy(if you read further it is undeniable), and I'm actually surprised how many times i'll read something and be like "thats a lot more anoying than the literal translation.
    -Then the reverse happens, i'll read a manga like SDK in the store and when i check the manga online they made up some wierd ass name for it. Like instead of "demon eyes kyo" its the japanese translation to english-japanese.

    Natsu from Fairy tale says "hoko" instead of fire dragon's w/e too, which I felt fire dragons ______ would be a LOT easier.

    But still, deadman wonderland released so fast here its already caught up

    On a side note: Kaji and Misato from eva are Shinji and Asuka, holy fuck i just got that..
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