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I don't like now-a-day comics but i do enjoy manga and the original comics (X-MEN) ^^^^
Well the worse part is the movies for me.

Comic book movies are just bad.

They make everything pg13 when there is a lot of adult themes and violence in the comic. I would rather not see another wolverine movie if the camera is gonna be barney the dinosaur.

the only popular comic-book movie that went R is watchmen.

Closest second would be the Dark Night i think.

Hey, its ok if you want your kid to watch, but do we really have to sit through an hour and a half just to see some robot get crushed, or some person get stabbed off camera?

God what i would give to see an R rated deadpool or xmen.
-Without the 10 minute long sex scenes, that were completely uncalled for(watchmen), i mean cmon, we get it, they are having sex. I don't need to see this shit for that long.