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    Shonen week #15.

    Sure, lets go with 15.

    Anyway here is my non spoiler:

    Naruto: Blah blah blah, we are "defending" instead of attacking. Go naruto win!

    Bleach: Lol byakuya and his petals. Oh look another hollow.

    One piece: bi(winning) week.

    HxH: Killua is a boss.

    Naruto: Ok god forbid they explain how lava was created out of the chicks mouth. Lets go with midara. There is literally no point in saying that the bad guy is not midara after this last 100 chapters saying MIDARA MIDARA MIDARA. Like fuck, whats next, a new dbz episode where a frieza look alike and says "oh i'm the real frieza!". Like cmon. Ok, got that off my chest. Next: Why is midara not using the sharingan? I mean everyone knows sharingan is uh....mind techniques.(forgot the name) not physical.

    Naruto headbuts bad guy(somehow and he doesn't phase SOMEHOW)who we have not yet established and with naruto's limited knowledge of EVERYTHING can only be imo 3 people:
    1. His father.
    2. Sasuke's hidden personality(lol)
    3. I don't know.....Orochimaru? Like, who else is a bad guy in this show?

    Bleach: I never understood byakuya's technique. His petals are blades right? so how does that actually work? I understand his bankai, but his regular shikai is odd. Especially considering its able to hurt him. With the transfer of energy i'm confused how he actually hurts himself if he produces it in the first place. But ok. Whats with the troll "i inserted myself into the past kekeek" like really? what a lame strategy. Oh well he punched a whole in him lol. BET HE CANT LIVE THRU THAT. Oh wait........he's still talking........SHIT HE'S A HOLLOW AND HE HAD A HOLE ALONG THE WHOLE TIME. Thats the only explanation......

    HxH: Killua, is a boss. He basically walks around doing shit and getting shit done. Oh hey gotta save gon, i'll just sneak in an assasin base and break out a walking timebomb and hold my mother as hostage. Fuck yeah. Its pretty funny how serious this should be, but to me i'm just laughing cus killua is like "oh hey, 5 chapters after and i got this shit almost done". If he wasn't a kid, i think his character would be a bit more dull though, since i'd expect more.

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    I recently watched the last 50 episodes of One Piece that I missed out on. Can't say a lot has happened for 50 episodes.

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