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    Naruto/bleach discussion week.(spoilerific).

    Spoilers for those of you who somehow haven't caught up by now.


    Wow........naruto is fighting the people who were beat by the weaker members of the akutsuki. The sharingan and the rinnegan have absolutely no use anymore so why even put them on it? I swear, for all the people who have these eyes, not one of them uses the eye techniques, genjutsu or w/e the hell its called. Not only that, the rinnengan's only power is sight at different angles? Might as well have hinata's w/e its called.

    Ok moving on, midara#1 for SOME reason keeps saying "moons eye plan" outloud. Yes. Thats it, tell them the name of your plan you evil genius. Its either gonna lead to:
    1. Oh that plan? We magically know how to stop it.
    2. What the hell is he talking about, and why does he keep repeating himself?
    -Its gotten to the point where the end-boss, midara#1, is really not that threatening compared to any of the minor bad guys that have come before him. I think naruto will/should end within the year. They obviously got nothing going for them now.

    Bleach: What is with this weird "i can beat you anytime i want" talk when they are in the first stage of power? Since bleach has oh.....5 stages.
    1. Shikai - What they are on now.
    2. Bankai
    3. Hollow Vaizard.
    4. Berzerk Vaizard
    5. Perfect shinigami -what took down Aizen.

    Its very confusing why ichigo continues to remain at this level and fight. Same with him in the hell movie, he let his little sister get taken while he remained in shikai.

    That and why is filler guy talking smack? He just got owned like 3 times in a row. Telling ichigo they installed a monitoring device on his badge? So? I'm sorry but is that like treason to ichigo? I mean cmon, they give him weapons, power, and everything, and he gets upset that they monitor him?

    And how is that even an issue? What level of anger would i have knowing that someone monitored me after giving me tons of power? none.......

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    Dislike naruto but watching bleach on as im far behind need to see those vizard forms

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