This is a good week.

-Eh, honestly I don't get it. Impure ressurection solves obito's rin problem, he holds no deep grudge for kakashi for no explained reason, and Rin still hasn't been explained at all. His motivation is a bit cliche.
-Ok so how does the rinnengan "activate". Since the dawn of the show its been genetics, now its just "woopsy i have the rinnengan". This makes me sad at the inconsistency.
-The entire plan of obito and midara seems already done in a dozen different series, but in this one its not JUST already done, its pointless. Kabuto already fixed all these problems lol.

-Hey its ichigo.
-Next time on BLEACH Z

One piece
-Eh, not much this time. Met a dragon. He's a kid transformed into a dragon who can also fly. Eh.

-Yay new bad guys!!!!
-aw, how cute, the two traps together.

-Finally someone died.

-FINALLY back on track.
+ 1 loli.