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    [Review]Avatar Korra Season 2.

    You know, this series is an odd one for me. I liked the second season as a whole, but.......there was some very odd things about it.

    Things I liked:

    1. Avatar WAN(a.k.a. # wan).
    -This arc was VERY cool, if not extremely confusing.
    -The old-school art and bending was amazingly well done.
    -Actually one of the few parts of the season where the backgrounds were done right.
    -The story was kind of odd, but made sense as a whole
    -Lion turtles, spirits, all that shit is fun to watch.

    2. Bolin
    -Clueless moron who makes the show enjoyable. Not quite the sokka/toph level of comedy, but that nuk tuk bit was pretty funny.
    -Hey no more stupid dodgeball!!!!

    -Interesting enough for being one of the arguably worse arcs of Airbender, the way it is presented in korra is entirely different.
    -Bad and good spirits alike are fun to watch.
    -Dual forms for spirits based upon alignment.

    4. Varrick
    -Pretty much half the reason to watch this season. Eccentric, ridiculous, and hilarious.
    Things I did not like:

    1. Backgrounds.(HUH?!!)
    -Yeah, the fucking backgrounds in Korra season two. Why am I so upset? This is something not even Naruto would stoop so low to do. None of the backgrounds have the correct lighting, and most of them are PAINTED so they look completely abstract to the characters art which is not paint-based.
    -Ugh. Every.goddamn.scene. The lighting is off, the people have the wrong shadow, it is so lazy.
    In one scene, korra kicks a desk and it flips over, we get a close up on Mako, then the desk is CEMENTED into the background, a completely different angle and look than before. I'm talking like 10 second difference and boom its another color and painted into the background

    Its fucking lazy, and really bad that this series does this.

    (For people wondering what the fuck I am talking about, you know in DBZ where they fight and when one rock is hit that rock is now animated? Yeah its like that except everything is painted(with brush strokes) so nothing is specifically interactive unless it isn't the same art.)

    2. Character talking
    -Almost the same problem with backgrounds, lazy animation
    -A TON of shots are two people talking with only their mouths moving like its fucking southpark(old southpark). I'm fine with talking points but DEAR GOD NOT THE LOW QUALITY ZOOMED OUT SMALL MOUTH ONLY MOVING SHOTS.

    3. Characters and their relationshipsi'm going to be mean)

    Korra: Oh boy.
    1. Her shortsightedness makes me almost feel sorry for her, she deserves it.
    2. Her relationship with Mako isn't surprisingly stupid, but it is still stupid. She breaks up with him over him trying to point out how stupid she is.
    3. Memory loss.......cmon're better than this.
    -Also -10points for lack of earthbending in season 2.
    -Also -100 points for being a shitty avatar. I mean she outright sucks at bending compared to everyone in this season.

    Asami: I don't know how else to put this. Her entire existence is fucking retarded.
    1.She doesn't get mad at Mako for being with korra, then kisses Mako when she finds out they broke up. Kind of a whore? Idk.
    2. She's somehow in trouble with her business......when she owns the patents to every car in the city, not to mention her fathers company basically being General Electric of all things. Do the writers think we are stupid or something?
    3. She's pretty stupid.

    Mako: The only one who has any detective skills, still an asshole.
    1. Cool, you can realize such and such.......only when its too late and staring you in the face.
    2. Why is he not taken seriously by the police chief? He seems to be the only detective in the building.
    3. Still an asshole for going out with multiple girls without so much as an apology or such to either one.

    Odd choices:

    -Did yah really need Aubrey Plaza for that? Lame.

    Iroh(zuko's grandson or son)
    -Same voice used for zuko. Why......

    "rating" I don't believe in ratings, I liked it but thought a lot of things were wrong or bad with it. I don't recommend it unless you liked Korra season 1.
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    Oh yeah at one point the original avatar gets some people killed. The village reacts like "oh he's alive?! YAY!!!"

    But he just got your own buddies killed trying to provide extra food to you.......which is a reason you are all starving......duh....what?

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