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So I finally finished it. I finished with ending #3 very interesting and was quite satisfied with the ending. (I loved the VN thanks for the recommendation)

All the endings are pretty messed up, #3 was pretty good though. Both #1 and #2 were bad and had me feeling the feels. Though there's still issues with the 3rd ending

Saya dies, really disappointing how none of the endings really ended up well with both of them.

However ending #3 was only really good because

Even though there's another race, the world will finally look normal to him. The world will be overall be better with Saya's race ruling the planet.

So even though the endings are all pretty fucked up, at least #3 was less bad to say. The only ending that
That ended well for Fuminori

Like I was saying in a different post, Gen made the visual novel. Everything this guy makes turns out to be a masterpiece. There's apparently a couple more visual novels made by him so you should check those out if you want more. I think Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer looks great, I like cyberpunk tragedies a lot so I'm already downloading the next one.