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    Quote Originally Posted by Kodoku View Post

    a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money.

    you said:
    more printed money the value of a single dollar would be worth less is true
    isnt inflation the increase of prices via supply and demand? not from more printed money? member that from econ class last yr XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by demon204 View Post
    isnt inflation the increase of prices via supply and demand? not from more printed money? member that from econ class last yr XD
    Inflation can reference good cost. But in economics you can inflate the prices by reducing the amount your currency is worth.

    Say something cost $1.

    With 2% inflation it cost 1.02

    Now you can inflate the prices in many ways, but in [C] this is used incorrectly.

    It's easiest to explain that if you turn in a dollar to the government directly, the government is $1 less in debt or $1 richer.

    The problem of [C] is that it doesn't understand this concept and uses magic(yes complete *poof* magic), and tries to pass this off in an economic sense.

    1. Lets start with the money.
    A) The money is fake, but somehow effects the real world because "Magic".
    B) Every person in the game gets X amount of money depending upon their future.
    C) if if a person goes bankrupt in the game their existence is wiped, no one remembers them, they never happened.

    2. Then move on to financial crisis and the "debt wave"(interest)
    A) Most major countries are in debt.(Natural real-world debt scenario).
    B) However if the debt is not paid by some arbitrary time, they get deleted from existence.*(Yes the entire country).

    3. Lets get into how [C] makes no sense.
    A) Why people nations get wiped out if they don't pay some arbitrary amount at the arbitrary time, never explained. "Just because".
    B) So in order to combat this "debt wave" the main secondary character earns money (by literally opening some giant money printer) and pouring out money.
    -This only pays off the debt wave(interest) for a small amount of time till it comes back bigger next time.
    - If the debt was real then imaginary money would either inflate it out the ass or solve the problem depending upon verification.
    -Verified: If the government could take and verify the money, it would solve the debt.
    -Unverified: If the government does not verify the money then it would report it as excess and then it prices would go up from "inflation"
    So really, the crux of the entire point of the show is that the magic that everyone is using isn't "real enough" even though no one in the "real world" can tell the difference.

    If the debt was fake: then really none of the show makes any sense. Why is there even a debt in the first place? How is there a debt it's based around a "life-future" system? Who the fuck is the debt to anyway?

    C) The protagonist then decides to "reverse the printing press", which just gets rid of all the fake money.
    -Meaning: Deus ex Machina out the ass.

    So what you have is a show that involves aliens and they came down and poisoned the world through fake a fake-currency-battle-royale system. Then the hero removed the fake currency and the world was ok, because magic.

    OH and to spoil the ending: The financial district(i.e. the alien causing all the problems) is still around, nothing was solved at all throughout the entire anime.
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