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    Quote Originally Posted by Empire View Post
    Ok I have to put a big asterisk here.

    Air gear was actually a pretty bad anime, BECAUSE
    1. The animation sucked.
    2. The manga looks fucking gorgeous if you can get a good scan.
    3. The manga continued the story, to a point where the anime really only touched like 5% of anything good from the manga.
    4. A LOT of the characters like Kazuto never got developed, which is again, the anime touching only 5% of decent stuff from the manga.
    5. Almost every single twist and critical point of the story was not in the anime at all.
    6. Every ecchi scene is censored to some degree and even the minor nudity was completely cut.
    7. Every action scene looks like utter crap compared to the manga
    8. Character designs look incredibly bad compared to the manga

    Really, the air gear anime just doesn't do it justice. Air gear is still one of the most aesthetically pleasing manga currently out, but the anime was a D grade piece of shit.(and that's not my opinion, that's pretty much the general consensus of everyone who's read the manga).

    IF you ever get into air gear, be sure to read the manga. It's fine if you watch the show, but if you liked the show you'd be shooting yourself in the face by not reading the manga.

    Seriously, it's like those people who watch gantz/berserk and don't read the manga. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? idk

    Sorry for gushing on AG, but it's definitely one of the top 10 manga imo.

    Well a friend of mine got me into it so I watched it. If I ever feel like 'rewatching' I'll try to make my way towards the manga instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hannibal View Post

    Well a friend of mine got me into it so I watched it. If I ever feel like 'rewatching' I'll try to make my way towards the manga instead.
    Well I'm just letting you know Air Gear falls under the same category as Berserk and Gantz. The anime was alright for the time, but the manga is where the story continues and the manga has a lot higher quality than the anime.

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