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eh as an ex-Mod of a wii hacking forum i know the struggle of hacks dying

I'm not trying to start shit bruh. I'm just staying there's a big difference from the past.
Me either =p. And I don't know shit about the past.

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The whole forum is slowly dying. Well, this section was never popular. Like every staff member here has some type of superiority complex, and the admins are lying asswipes. They're mostly dead tho.

Anyways, look up MPGH Rance-sama on Google. I can't post links, but I had 6,300 posts. Adding in all my alts I've probably gotten like 8k on MPGH.
I don't doubt you, I just found it funny is all. I've seen forums die a lot, and I can agree that, even as a new member, looking back at older discussions it seemed a lot nicer. My other forum that I'm trying to quit is basically dead already. I was the only one to post, and like two others did. Everyone just giving up =/