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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickz123 View Post
    I Wouldn't call it full romance(A little later?) but Yona of the Dawn is pretty neato. Hamatora is not the Hamster anime, lol. It's people with Minimums, supernatural Human abilities. Nice can teleport.
    Ohh... I'm already caught up on yona. Any others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiritsugu View Post
    Ohh... I'm already caught up on yona. Any others?
    I'm not that big on Romance, but according to CrunchyRoll; For Action & Romance we have:

    Dear Boys:
    Aikawa Kazuhiko, an easy-going and smiling transfer student, tries to rebuild an ailing Mizuho High School basketball club back to its lost fame.
    Year: 2003

    Dragon Crisis:
    "I love you, Ryuji!" Boy meets girl, along with love and war! Now begins the story of Rose and Ryuji!
    Year: 2011

    Durarara: (Srsly?)
    Mikado Ryugamine is a young man who yearns for the city like no other. At the invitation of his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, he moves to Ikebukuro, Tokyo and enters school there.

    Hayate the Combat Butler! (Season 1 & 2)
    Hayate is a super-unlucky 16 year-old-boy. By chance, he rescues Nagi, the well-dressed heiress to a mega-rich family from hoodlums, then he gets hired as a live-in butler.

    Infinite Stratos:
    Girls from all over the world gather at IS Academy to learn how to become IS pilots. However, since the protagonist, Orimura Ichika, can somehow pilot the IS even though he is male, he was forced to attend IS Academy as well. As the only male in this school attended by girls of all shapes and sizes from around the world, including his childhood friend and kendo buddy, Houki, tempestuous action battles and romantic encounters await him.
    Year: ?

    Koihime Musou
    When Kanu was young, her family and their village were wiped out by bandits. And so she sets out on a journey. A journey to find the answer.
    Year: 2008

    La storia della Arcana Famiglia
    "I will decide my own path!" The prosperous island of Regalo in the Mediterranean Sea is protected by a vigilante group called "Arcana Famiglia." The group's members are granted special powers through contracts with the "Toracco." Felicitá, the only daughter of the Papa and head of the family, has her mother's beauty as well as superior skill with knives. Though she was raised deep in the island, at age 16 she takes her first steps into the spotlight as a member of the family. Then, at her birthday party, her father, Mondo, announces that he is retiring. He declares a competition to determine his successor - and Felicitá must marry the winner. Felicitá enters the competition herself, determined to win so that she can decide her own path. The curtain will soon rise on the battle that will determine her fate!
    Year: 2012

    Linebarrels of Iron
    Fourteen-year-old Kouichi Hayase’s life has always been a mediocre one, if not dismal. However, those days of being bullied by classmates and escaping to a fantasy of being a hero are put to an end when a certain “accident” bestows on him a girl and a gigantic humanoid robot called “LINEBARREL”
    Year: 2008

    Otome Yokai Zakuro
    "Demon Girl Zakuro," an ongoing favorite in Gentosha Comics's Monthly "Comic Birz," is being adapted into anime form! Watch Lily Hoshino's gorgeous characters in motion! This story takes place during the Westernization Movement in an alternate world where humans and spirits coexist as young half-spirit girls team up with army officers to battle against spirits who would do wrong! Onward with the spirits!
    Year: 2010

    Rurouni Kenshin
    If you need a description because you haven't seen this; Just go. Right now. Call off work/School, and go.

    The Melody of Oblivion
    This takes place in the 20th century where the Monsters have succeeded in defeating the humans through a violent war. The Monsters rule the earth in the 20th century with no one recalling what had happened in the past. Bocca, is a teenage boy who chooses the path of becoming the Warrior.
    Year: 2004

    The Tower of DRUAGA -the Sword of URUK-
    Why do people climb the Tower for the things they seek? It has been 80 years since the legend of King Gilgamesh. The impregnable walls of the Tower of DRUAGA have returned again, along with a new evil force. Jil and his legendary band of followers must journey to the top of the Tower of DRUAGA, defeat the evil forces that lie ahead of them and obtain the mysterious treasure known as the "Blue Crystal Rod." However, Jil might lose everything in the process. And what is his beloved Kaya seeking? And what could she possibly wish for once they obtain the "Blue Crystal Rod?" With broken spirits and enigmatic questions that hold no answers lingering, Jil is still trying to figure everything out. Then, a mysterious girl named Kai appears before him and says: “Take me to the top of the tower.” Kai’s request shrouded in ambiguity, Jil will have another chance to work towards completing his destiny and ascend the Tower. With his hopes and aspirations seemingly slipping out of his hands, Jil must rise to the challenge once again on this never-ending adventure.
    Year: 2009

    Now I haven't watched a lot of Romance, but from this list alone, It seems like most of the main characters just wanna suck another dudes dick. I dunno what you're into, and I'm not one to really care, but that's just me.

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