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From the YT comment:

Breaking it down:

Dude leads an otaku lifestyle, loves collecting figures and making models. What's there not to like? Lots of pretty anime girls, tits and ass and sex. During the first section, his goofy face showed he's shamelessly enjoying every bit of it. Suddenly the scenery changes to a more sinister tone. It's a vicious cycle where he's ensnared by it, symbolized by the cage and face-on-screen-surrounded-by girls motifs. This addiction is represented by a masked woman. The addiction suffocates him in pleasure, waking him up.

The masked woman jumps out of the screen, pouncing on him and removing her mask. He's scared but wait, that face seems awfully familiar. Ah yes, it's the face of his ex-girlfriend whom he broke up with some time ago. His girlfriend loved him even though he was totally consumed by his addiction (eating internal organs motif). They had a great relationship together, beautiful moments captured on camera. But she was replaced by this masked woman (his addiction).

He realizes what he has lost, the partner that he had. He screams, knowing he had lost the one who loved him most. He knows what must be done: He must fight the addiction. He dons his powersuit and guns down those sexy girls on the streets. Yes, he's almost reaching his girlfriend, just a little more! He's willing to go through any pain to reach her!

But no, it's not the girls that he must defeat. It's his addiction, the masked woman. The final big boss in an impenetrable mothership. Behind that masked woman lies his girlfriend and the way back to his former life. Missiles fire at him but instead of fighting back, he releases flares to dodge them. He doesn't retaliate, merely avoiding what he must do. He despairs, succumbing to the masked woman kissing him. He doesn't fight back. He is torn and shattered, waking up everyday to find that nothing has changed.
Makes sense but that story tho.