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    Nightvision (All Game Versions!)

    Quick tut, but I have no desire to spend a long time on something so simple. Please, if you don't understand, don't ask. If this is useful to you, you'll know.

    The addies I use here are 1.9.453.

    Nightvision is a byte flag on WeaponStyles (CG+0x0374). Cross-ref it in IDA (press X) and look through until you find a line that tests for a byte flag of 40h. This is the function that checks for nightvision. Pay particular attention to this section:

    .text:0051DDB8 YesNV:                                  ; CODE XREF: TestNightvision+E6j
    .text:0051DDB8                 pop     edi
    .text:0051DDB9                 pop     esi
    .text:0051DDBA                 mov     al, 1
    .text:0051DDBC                 pop     ebx
    .text:0051DDBD                 pop     ecx
    .text:0051DDBE                 retn
    .text:0051DDBF ; ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    .text:0051DDBF NVTest:                                 ; CODE XREF: TestNightvision+CCj
    .text:0051DDBF                 test    byte ptr Weaponstyles, 40h
    .text:0051DDC6                 jnz     short YesNV
    .text:0051DDC8 NoNV:                                   ; CODE XREF: TestNightvision+C0j
    .text:0051DDC8                                         ; TestNightvision+D6j
    .text:0051DDC8                 pop     edi
    .text:0051DDC9                 pop     esi
    .text:0051DDCA                 xor     al, al
    .text:0051DDCC                 pop     ebx
    .text:0051DDCD                 pop     ecx
    .text:0051DDCE                 retn
    .text:0051DDCE TestNightvision endp
    The jnz there will trigger if the flag is found. Change it to a jump and it will always trigger, and you have nightvision. That approach, however, only works for IW5M and Tekno; it will crash your game on steam. On steam, you'll need to do something like this
    *(BYTE*)WEAPONSTYLES |= 0x40
    every frame or more.

    There, nightvision for all game versions.
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