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    Colored Death Quotes

    Does anyone know what address the Colors can be switched for the Death Quotes in MP Match?

    The changable strings are mostly ^8 and ^9 for the different teams.

    i found the Death Quote Text Address where the quotes are applied to. New kills/deaths are added to the old text string. i cant tell if the memory region is fixed or resizable regarding to the amount of kill/death quotes.

    But reading the string, replacing the ^8 & ^9 with other color strings e.g. ^2, and writing the text back to memory does not change the colorizing effect.
    Also the fadeouttime of deathquotes, usually known as 'seta hud_deathQuoteFadeTime "5000"' in the config file, doesnt seem to be localizable and rewritable. i would like to have the death quote display regulary on without fading out.

    Anyone an idea?

    DeathQuote Actual Address (Always the latest Line Entry) : &HC12A5C
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