Hello, I'm fairly new to this so if I make some mistakes, I'll fix them asap.

I am selling my BF4 Premium Origin account. I bought it during the sale but it lagged a lot so I ended up regretting the purchase.
The account is relatively clean; I played on it for five hours. There is a .6 KD on it (yeah, I know ) but it's a really new account with few kills and deaths (97-154) so it should only take about 3-4 games to bring up

Let me know if you need any additional info, I will provide asap.

1. Screenshot of Origin and Battlelog: it's not letting me post links? https://imgur.com/FU6hbHA

2. $15, accepting PayPal

3. Contact me on skype: leterror

4. MM: [MPGH]Symmetrical