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    Cool Bfp4f Account

    Its My Bfp4f Acc. I have to play lots of time and for this reacon its easyer for you because i wont play.!
    I have 1 engineer and 1 sniper lvl 13 both of them.
    The Acc Name is jimmythebest for sniper and jimmythenoob for enginner
    I Sell It For 15 EUROS Or USD PayPal
    :) Skype Name Dimitris.Jimmy
    I Sell The Acc Till 4 May.
    Its Good For Player That Want A Acc No Big Lvl And Without Kills And More!!!!!!!!
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    chrome 2013-04-21 17-54-49-008.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-21 17-55-41-441.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-38-51-727.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-39-19-232.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-40-16-881.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-40-20-546.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-40-36-909.jpg  

    chrome 2013-04-27 12-40-43-805.jpg  

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