Don't know how many times I have to tell you guys, but screen shots are Mandatory.

I'll ask you for them if you don't include them but if you say no then your thread WILL BE DELETED.
It's the rules, respect them or get out.

♦Rules & Regulations:
-You may not post in any thread accusing someone of scamming*

-You may not spam other peoples threads*

-You may not post any material that is unrelated to the inquiry of the original post*

-You may not bump threads unless the bump is 24 hours from the first bump*

-You may not advertise other Middlemen, nor use an UNOFFICIAL middleman*

-You may not steal other peoples customers*

-Your thread in the Marketplace must be easy to read, well thought out, and must not be unambiguous*

-You MUST have screenshot proofs of your account IN YOUR THREAD*
-MPGH Staff