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    How to post a BF account for Sale/Trade | READ BEFORE POSTING

    Since many people are still creating threads without the required information, Jigsaw made this simple guide to be followed by everyone to keep this section clean and organized, also to avoid future problems to you and to us.

    What is essential to post in your thread:

    • Screenshots of your Inventory, such as weapons, chars, equipment, etc (in-game);
    • Screenshots of your Storage/Deposit (web page);
    • Account's Price/Offer.
    • Skype ID, Paypal or Messenger email

    *Both Inventory and Storage are required!


    • Am I permitted to post profile links only? - No;
    • Can I show proofs only for interested users? - Absolutely not, no more excuses this time. You MUST upload it using any free image hosting website (imgur, Photobucket, Imageshack, etc) or using our Attachment system. Not obeying this will result on the deletion of your thread and possibly infractions on your forum account;
    • If I am buying an account, do I need to provide anything? - Not necessarily, unless what are you looking for;
    • I have to use MPGH's Middleman services? - For a secure and efficient deals, yes. It's highly recommend you use one of them, at the best time available for you and to your buyer/seller;
    • There are prohibited items to sell/trade? - Yes, such as "VIP" Hacks, Bases, Phishers, etc. All these cannot be sold or traded here or any other section on mpgh;
    • Can I post many threads selling the same account? - Obviously no, you are free to bump it once a day, but making threads with the same account for trade and bumping your own thread in hours is totally unacceptable;
    • I'm posting it correctly, but many people doesn't, what I do? - You can easily report these threads using our Report System (), or just mentioning the Minions on the thread. Depending of the case they will as well receive infractions or just have your thread deleted;
    • I have been scammed, I will make my rage thread here to everyone see it!!! - Nope.

    I hope everyone start following this guide in the next days then we can have a organized trading section.

    This section is only for Selling / Trading / Buying BF accounts, nothing else.

    • No begging/asking for free accounts in this section.
    • No selling of software in this section.
    • If you're selling/trading an account, you need to have proof that you actually own it by taking in game screen shots of the account.
    • You must have a Transaction ID if your going to sell / trade accounts.
    • Make sure you use a MM when trading / selling / buying accounts, normal members cannot always be trusted.
    • Only post if you're interested in buying*
    • Selling private server items isn't allowed here. It may result in a ban.
    • No posting false or misleading reviews (this includes not being a buyer, deliberately misleading members, being affiliated with another seller, inaccurately harming a sellers reputation, or any deceptive practices to hurt a seller). (1 Month Ban)
    • No posting derogatory remarks regarding in any seller thread. Keep it informative and neutral. (3 Day Ban)

    You can find the official MM here:





    *Accusing another member of scamming without evidence to support your claim is against the rules. If you have NO PROOF then you DO NOT accuse. The only place where people are to be accused is the SCAMMERS GRAVE. If you do it any other place but there you will be INFRACTED OR BANNED.

    Credits goes to @Hannibal

    - MPGH BF Staff
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