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    BP4F Selling acc or looking for +3 guns for my acc.

    hi, im looking for acc with AEK+3 or other +3 (dont want recon guns) for my assault acc..
    Guns Perm: Scar-L, STG77AUG,M4A1,FAMAS,XM8,AN-94,ACW-R,L85A2,AK47,416 CARBINE,M16A2-Elite Skin,AEK-971-Veteran Skin...
    Pistol Elite'S MP-443
    Clothes: Italian Outfit,Urban Militia Combat Dress,Partizan Over-Suit,Battle Suregons uniform,Woodland Combat uniform,Combat engineers uniform,
    Accesories: Militia Force Backpack, Taiga Combat pack, Desert Sr pack, Taiga tactical belt, Desert Sr tactical belt,Militia force belt
    Head: Tank corps berret, Airborne berret, Russian digital helmet, Woodland vehicle ops helm, Bettle surgeons helmet, Militia Force Sheimagh,No helmet.
    Face: Hoaxer Balaclava, Veteran tank drivers shades, Land ops googles, Elite assault shades
    Modifications:Rapid AimRed dot, Copperhead barrel, Close-in barrel,Stingray Mags, CQB ammo, Nemesis Stock, Precision Stock, Tactical Stock, Stabilized Stock.
    Gadgets:Advanced adrealine shot 91,Adrealine Shot 238, Combat bandage 1106, Field bandage 863
    Booster: Credits Boost: expires in 20 days

    LVL 19: Credits 1950+ .
    Skype:kratos44 kratovic
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