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    Question Best method for finding the recoil

    Hi all this is my first post in this great forum however this is not my first visit I've been following several tutorials that helped me a lot before I decide to post my first thread.

    So usually I use Cheat engine to make small trainers under C# you know simple things such as ammo, health, speed etc however I never succeeded on finding the recoil recently I tried so hard to find the recoil for Battlefield 4 single player but every time the game just crashes when I nope or freeze an address.

    So the methods I've been following to find the recoil for BF4 single player are:
    (After searching for unknown initial float value)
    1- Fire the weapon then freeze the game and look for an increase float value, and then stop firing and search for a decreased value and so on.
    2- Since using a bipod reduces the recoil a lot so I searched for a decreased float value whenever I use the bipod, then an increased value when I remove it.
    3- Change between weapons so basically I would search for an increased value when I equip a gun with high recoil, and for a decreased value when equipping a low recoil weapon.
    4- Search for the ammo address then browse the memory region in order to find near addresses.

    I also tried searching for "0" recoil when equipping a knife or a grenade, however I couldn't find anything at the end.

    So I would like some help from the experts to help me out with suggestions or just how the recoil value behaves, like is it the same address for all weapons or each weapon has its own recoil address, and what is the best method to find the recoil.

    Thank you very match.

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    My way to find values, is to "grab" them from other Public sources and use them for my own.

    Pathing them down in ReClass and see what else is around it.
    I Searched "Some other website" as here there are not mutch public sources

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