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    Post Avoiding ESP ban

    Hello guys. I use ESP hack(Undetected) in battlefield 4. I wanted to know that how does PunkBuster, FairFight and GGC-Stream detect the hacks? Is there any way to avoid the ban by not raging or some other method? I know that FairFight regularly checks for the in-game stats of the player. What about PunkBuster and GGC-Stream?

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    FairFight and GGC-Stream function in the same manner. The anti-cheat systems will check for open windows associated with bf4, perform keylog checks on your pc (eg. How many times do press alt {potential aimbot}) and take screenshots of whats on your screen. Depending on your hack, safety varies. If your hack is external (sounds like an external), multiple hooks are put in place to bypass some of the above, screenshots do not work on them since they are transparent overlays. Please refer to where you got your ESP cheat from to validate the safety of it.

    -Regards. (PS; My private internal cheat blocks keyloggers, cleans screenshots and I play with a consistent kd ratio to avoid getting banned, I have several unbanned cheating accounts).
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