Hello guys, i have been watching that people getting crashed out of game over a particular event in game like
1. While getting revived in game by someone.
2.Using right mouse button for scope


To fix it is quite easy , following these steps and you can play bf4 exactly you used to play bf3 , because you are replacing your bf3 in game settings and key config with the bf4 beta settings. :-

1.Goto My Documents --> Documents\Battlefield 3\settings
2. Copy the file PROF_SAVE_profile.
3. Goto My Documents --> Documents\Battlefield 4 Beta\settings
4. Rename the file PROFSAVE_profile to PROFSAVE_profile2 ( your backup ).
5. Paste the file PROF_SAVE_profile and rename to PROFSAVE_profile.

NOTE : You might have to reconfigure your Mouse Senstivity in game , please do it.

I hope i helped someone