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    Question Pricecheck on an old account!

    Level 45
    480k gold
    690 AC's
    Many AC items in bank
    Rep 10 in DoomWood, Sandsea, Horc, Skyguard, Arcangrove, and Troll
    Rep 9 in Evil
    Rep 8 in Etherstorm
    Badges: gyazo (DOT) com/90c86a39dbacf36d21ad0b0f8d96dcdd
    Items: gyazo (DOT) com/7c0bee533e99dea2bb350e67b82c17b1
    Classes/Armors: gyazo (DOT) com/6c70a087b994bfb010061f00d077a63a

    Or will just sell it right now for 30$
    Add me on skype live:skwiercp
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