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    Selling a Rare AQW account from 2008.

    Alright so apparently i cant post links on the forum but the name of the account is robbincool.

    85 Backpack items
    check them on the character page.

    25 Bank items
    Dragonslayer, Rank 10
    Enforcer, Rank 10
    AQW Golden Destiny Armor
    Bubblegum Scallywag
    Chicken Suit
    Fierce Pie-Rate
    J6's Birthday Suit
    Tacomancer 10
    Victory Swimwear 13

    9J Male Hat
    Brown Fedora 10
    Conquerer mask
    Dark Caster Hair
    Fiery Jack o'Face 10
    Forever Provolone
    Herosmash Destiny Helm
    Icy Captain's Hat
    Icy Nax Skull
    Red Moglin Head 09
    Santa Hunk
    Short Horns of the Darkness
    Voltaire's Hat
    Zombie top Hat

    Chaonslaught Blade
    Eggly Blue Haresplitter 12
    Guardian of Virtue
    Rose of Thorns Blade
    Blue Starsword
    Unsure Whoopie
    Spear of Dragons Vegeance
    The account is upgraded in

    and has unlocked the 6 year shop. :
    add me on skype: thesimpeman or comment here to dicuss prizes. looking for serious buyers, not going below 100 usd
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