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    Cool 3 lv60+ AQW ACCS with good items

    I've got three accounts up for possible trade right now, a lv 65 non mem with 34 clases (including Alpha Omega, Blaze Binder, Cryomancer, Ultra Elemental Warrior, Exalted Soul Cleaver, Lycan, and Ultra OmniKnight), 52 bag space, Undead Legend, and 1.8 mil gold, a lv 63 non mem with 21 classes (including legion LBMA, StarLord, Guardian, and Blaze Binder), 40 bag space, Undead Legend, with 1.7 million gold, and finally, a level 63 non mem with 9 classes( including Stonecrusher), 30 bag space (had a bank pet and evolved blood orb with quest nearly done), and 1.5 million gold. What I'm looking for is a first generation miltonius item/ second generation shadow/blood item account, or a beta/alpha account. Hit me up on Skype and I can provide more accurate information, and maybe we'll hash a price out. You can message me on Skype, the name is logan.william.walsh
    Take it easy, friends!
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