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    Price check!!

    Not selling these just yet.

    Made on 10/18/2008 2:36:00 PM

    3 month membership


    Silver PvP Amulet +800
    Panda Launcher
    Golden Moglin on your back 12
    Undead Legend Cape
    Mummy Mask 09
    Dark Hunger
    Muenster Monster Helm
    Dire Crested Helmet
    Undead Legend Crown
    Hero of Sponsors Helm
    Deathstare Helm
    Tainted Gem
    Black Knight Orb
    Bone Dust
    Unidentified 10
    Totem of Nulgath
    Diamond of Nulgath
    Gem of Nulgath
    Potion of Inscrutable Mutation
    Essence of Nulgath
    Archfiend's Favor
    Shard of Chaos
    Treasure Chest
    Dragon Scale
    Strategist Victory Totem
    Fishing Bait
    Elixir of Regeneration
    Dage's Approval
    Dage's Favor
    Nulgath's Approval
    Combat Trophy
    Undead Essence
    Aracara's Fang
    Escherion's Chain
    Twigwam 10
    Nulgath Larvae
    Super Adorable Pink Moglin
    Red Spaced Intruder
    Fiend Orb
    Battle Wyvern
    Combat Soulreaper of Nulgath
    Sword of Sponsors
    Glowing Daggers of Darkness
    Onyx Star Sword
    Pink Heart Reaper


    Warrior Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Healer Class (Rare) (Rank 6)
    Rogue Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Mage Class (Rare) (Rank 8)
    Evolved ClawSuit 10 (Rank 10)
    Alpha Omega (Rank 10)
    Soul Cleaver Class (Rank 5)
    Dark Legendary Hero (Rank 1)
    Undead Champion
    Crimson Plate of Nulgath
    Gilded Fallen Angel
    Oblivion of Revontheus
    High Legion Champion
    Undead Legend


    2M gold
    Only need one more diamond to finish Juggernaut Items of Nulgath quest


    Copper PvP Amulet +500
    Fiend Cloak of Nulgath
    Mage's Hood
    Glacial Destroyer Halo
    Archfiend's Favor
    Nulgath's Approval
    Bone Dust
    Unidentified 10
    Gem of Nulgath
    Dark Crystal Shard
    Tainted Gem
    June Rares Raffle Ticket
    Totem of Nulgath
    Diamond of Nulgath
    Essence of Nulgath
    Essence of the Undead Legend
    April Rares Raffle Ticket
    How To Get Other Items
    Unidentified 13
    CLASS POINTS Boost! (1 hr)
    REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
    CLASS POINTS Boost! (10 min)
    Mercenary Gnome
    Nulgath Larvae
    Combat Soulreaper of Nulgath
    Dual Tainted Claymore of Nulgath
    Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
    Shadow Spear of Nulgath
    Blade of Affliction
    DragonBlade of Nulgath


    Warrior Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Healer Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Dragonslayer (Rank 10)
    Rustbucket (Rank 10)
    No Class (Rank 10)
    Rogue Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Evolved Leprechaun Class (Rank 10)
    Berserker Class (Rank 10)
    Horc Evader Class (Rank 10)
    Troll Spellsmith Class (Rank 10)
    Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
    Thief of Hours (Rank 10)
    Pyromancer Class (Rank 10)
    Ninja Class (Rank 10)
    Mage Class (Rare) (Rank 10)
    Shaman (Rank 10)
    Necromancer (Rank 10)
    Evolved Shaman (Rank 10)
    Master Ranger (Rank 10)
    Arcane of Nulgath
    Crimson Plate of Nulgath
    Gothy Girl
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    I am not here to provide a price check, I could, but something to consider when doing something like this is to provide the xNumber of stackable items you have and to also divide your items into different categories. You also seem to have listed a numerous amount of "junk" items, like that June Raffle Ticket. It is almost August. It may be free storage with that item, it just clutter.

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